• The Holy Qurbono starts at 7:00. A.M. and ends at 9:30 A.M. on all sundays.
  • Special Prayer at the Kurisumthotty in the name of St. Mary on every first sundays.
  • Special birthday service on every second sundays.
  • Special service at the St. Anthony's Cross on every last sundays.

Rev. Fr. Paul Paracka


Rev. Fr. Mathai Padath Cor-Episcopa
Shri. Joby
Prof. C.M. Baby
Shri. Kuriakose
Shri. Baby
Shri. Eldho
Shri. Joyce Philip

The Choir

Mr. Lal Paul (Choir Master and lead vocal)
Alan Paul Lal (Keyboards)
Kevin Thomas Lal (Vocal)
Nino Baby (Vocal)
Dolly Babu (Vocal)
Gini Vino (Vocal)