St. Mary's Shrine

Special prayer on every first Sunday of each month is held at the Shrine of St. Mary erected in the front of the Church. People pays offerings on those days.

Offering lists on St Mary's Shrine of the year 2015

January, 4 Prof. C.M. Baby
February, 1 Mr. K.T. Pathrose
March, 1 Mr. Sarath K Jose
April, 5 Mr.  P.C. Korath
May, 3 Mr. KV. Thomas
June, 7 Mr. V.K. Kuriakose
July, 5 Dr. Raju K. John
August, 2 Mr. Rejy Alexander
September, 6 Mrs. Sophy Mathew
October, 4 Mr. George Baby
November, 1 Mr Vino Mathai
December, 6 Mr. Cherian K George