Family Units

Two family units Mor Athanasious Unit (Aluva region) and Mor Gregoriose Unit (Thotakattukara region) merged together to form a new Unit namely Athanasious Gregoriose Unit

The family unit meetings will be held on all 4th Sundays between 3:30pm and 7pm.

Office Bearers

The Central Committee      
  President Rev.Fr. Eldho 9847168400  
  Vice-President Dr. Raju K. John 9895328804  
  General Convener Mr. Lal Paul 9995215064  
  General Secretary Dr. P.M. Kuriachen 9495128998  
  Secretary Mrs. Aleyamma 2604136  
  Treasurer Prof.(Maj.) C.M. Baby 9447162140  
  Auditor Mr. K.V.Kuriakose    
Mor Athanasious Gregoriose Unit (Aluva region) Members List  
  Convenor Mr. P.K. Mamachan 9847010373  
  Joint Convener Mr. T.V.Varghese 9495793731  
Mor Anthoniose Unit (Kadungalloor region) Members List  
  Convener Mr. Thomas Philip 8089135885  
  Joint Convener Mrs. Shirly Suresh 9895521266  
Mor Ignathiose Ealias Unit (U.C.College region) Members List Photo Clips
  Convener Mr. P.V.Chandy 9447369442  
  Joint Convener Mrs. Dolly Babu 9744419373  
From Church Administration    
  Mr. Lal Paul Secretary 9995215064  
  Mr. K.M. Johny Trustee 9447700703  
  Mr. Regy Alexander Trustee 9895241767  
From Vanitha Samajam    
  Prof. Mary George      
From Youth Association    
  Sunny K.P.   9746823062